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Second Hand Movies Done Dirt Cheap: Enter the Dragon (1973, Dir Robert Clouse, 1h 42m)

Don't think! FEEL. It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon...Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.
There are countless actors that one could consider famous, and of these, a smaller group you could call icons. And then there are the legends of cinema, actors and actresses that changed the landscape of cinema beneath their feet. It is undeniable that Bruce Lee is a legend, and it is similarly undeniable that Enter the Dragon, Lee's fourth film,released a month after Lee's untimely death at the age of just 32, sealed this legend forever.  

In its tale of three martial artists, shaolin monk, Lee (Bruce Lee), compulsive gambler Roper (John Saxon), and Vietnam veteran and Blaxploitaton coded badass Williams, and their involvement in a martial arts tournament run by the villainous Han (a notorious crimelord whose henchmen also killed Lee's sister), so Enter the Dragon not only stands, nearly fifty year on as one of the greatest …

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