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Last Christmas (Dir Paul Feig, 1h 43m)

In the winter of 1984, the British pop duo Wham!, already a colossal success on both sides of the Atlantic, turned their attentions to that greatest of British chart crowns, the Christmas No 1. Though the resultant song, Last Christmas, would be held off that coveted spot by charity single Band-Aid's Do They Know Its Christmas, it has become a classic, and one of the most beloved songs around Christmas. Which is more than can be said about Last Christmas, the film, a messy collection of bad romantic comedy, and half-assed subplots, decent actors on practical autopilot, with Wham, and frontman, George Michael's songs bolted on. What results is a film that does neither the late Michael's music, nor the entire concept of Christmas movies, any justice

Revolving around the character of Kate, from her childhood in the former Yugoslavia, to her life slowly falling apart in the aftermath of an undisclosed illness, from bedhopping to have somewhere to stay, to her complex relation…

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